Hiring? How to get it right

Recruitment Exeter

Hear Sarah’s tips on how you can get it right when it comes to the hiring process!

There isn’t a magic formula when it comes to the hiring process however there are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re planning for your new team member to join you, sooner rather than later!

If you were to look from the outside-in, would you want to work for your organisation? A few things you can do to make sure you include:

Your online presence

Making sure your website is up to date and has recent news and information is an easy way to show this. Sites where the latest updates are from a while ago, don’t give a great impression.

Likewise your social media channels should shout positively about what you do and what you’re like as an employer and that others are talking about you really positively.

Structure the recruitment process

Being able to tell candidates what’s going to be expected of them, really helps. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve reached the end of the process, only to be called back for yet another interview.

Identifying who’s going to be involved in the recruitment and getting time in diaries blocked out is an easy and quick win. Delays due to people being on holiday or other commitments can then be avoided.

It’ll mean there’s a good flow to the process and you’re in a position to make a quick decision when you find the person that you want to hire. It also means that you can let candidates know who haven’t been successful and providing constructive feedback as to why is pretty much always viewed positively.

Job offers

Awesome – you’ve found your new team member and now it’s time to make that all important offer! It’s important to be competitive – the salary you put forward should be in line with expectations and skills. However it’s also important to be a bit flexible too. There might need to be conversations about things like working hours, salaries and other benefits too.

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