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Temporary Division

We know you need the right person, quickly. That is why our temp process is straightforward, efficient and dependable.

​Cara (your Temporary Recruitment Specialist) knows that time is money when it comes to temporary staffing. That is why she can get someone into your business as quickly as tomorrow, meaning you can focus on business as usual!

​Cara focuses on all levels of the following professional services:                                                                                                

- Marketing

- Customer Service

- Administration

- Human Resources

- Reception

- PA/ EA

- Project Co-ordination/Management

Our process involves leverage of the Sarah West Recruitment network, references and identity checks, full hiring and interview management and all the admin, payroll, holiday pay, pensions and essential tax contributions, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Interested in temp or being a temp? Call Cara 01392 873813

Why Use Temp?

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Allows you to flex to your business demand with no contractual commitment.

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Cost Effective

Temporary workers do not have all the costs associated that a permanent salaried candidate would have, these are covered by the agency.

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Try before you Hire

Giving you the opportunity to see what the candidate can do and the impact they can have before putting them into a permanent position.

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Brings New Skills/Talent

Temporary candidates are normally specialists within their field, giving you instant talent and a new perspective.  

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"Thank you very much for all your help and kind assistance in confirming the short-term, temporary assignment. I have rarely received such a professional, efficient and comprehensive service from a recruiter and I am deeply impressed by yourself Cara and Sarah West Recruitment"

- One of Cara's incredible candidates