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Looking for a new role? Before you begin, consider these.

9 months ago

Looking for a new role? Before you begin, consider these.

Starting the search for a new role can be exciting, but understanding exactly why you are looking, and what you are looking for is important to ensure you make the right move for the right reasons. 

Here are 5 top things to consider 

  1. What are the pros and cons to your current job?
    It may sound obvious, but creating a list of the elements of your current job that you like and dislike will help you understand the things that you want to retain, and those that you want to expand on in a new role.

  2. Why are you looking for a new job?
    Understanding ‘why’ you are looking for a new job will help you understand if and what you are looking for; progression, whether that's a total change in role, a culture and values that align better with you, salary increase or less travel. There are lots of reasons that people change jobs, but understanding your reason why is important to ensure you make the right move.

  3. What are your salary expectations?
    Depending on why you are looking for a new job will determine this. A new job doesn’t always mean you want to increase your salary, so consider this and make sure you know what it is you want.

  4. Is location important?
    Do you want to work for a local company, or is location of the company not important? The answer to this will impact your search, so decide before you begin to save searching time.

  5. Are you wanting to work from home, an office or both?
    The ways of working have changed substantially over the last couple of years, with many companies continuing to promote working from home, or a hybrid approach to provide flexibility to employees. Think about how you want to work, and how you work best. Do you want to work remotely? Have options to access an office on an ad-hoc basis? Or all the time? Again, this will impact your search so decide which suits you best and what will be sustainable.

When you are thinking through and jotting down your answers, also consider which (if any) are negotiable. Don’t forget, whilst the employer is offering you the role, you will be able to bring a lot to their business, so you shouldn’t have to compromise on the the things that are important to you. 

Are you considering a change in job, but not sure what you want? Get in touch, our consultants are more than happy to help you explore options.​​

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