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Our sister company Tribus People support growing SMEs to build high-performing teams with strong leadership behaviours across the business. 

Tribus People tackle key challenges with you and unlock greater performance in pursuit of your goals.


Tribus understands what’s at stake when it comes to bringing new leadership talent into your business, how impactful it can be when you have the right people in place and the positive outcomes this can have on culture and performance, moving your business forward to get you where you want to go. They also understand the impact of getting it wrong and the consequences and disruption involved.

Tribus' Leadership Recruitment and Executive Search process supports you at every stage to get it right. Using extensive local, national, and international experience and networks, insights from your existing team, candidate profiling and market intelligence designed to drive effective decision making, everything Tribus does is focused on working with you to build happy, fulfilled, high performing teams and a successful business.

Alongside Leadership Recruitment and Executive Search, Tribus also provide Recruitment Process Consultancy and Succession Planning Analysis to help you embed more effective processes and identify and develop both new and existing talent.   


At Tribus People, they understand that leaders often feel they spend too much time ‘in the weeds’, struggle to let go of the reins, want to get everyone moving in the same direction and need to know where to focus their attention first.  Often, the people who show real promise in their business cannot always reach their full potential.

That’s why Tribus look at the bigger picture, supporting you to improve and develop the management and leadership skills, knowledge and behaviours essential for individual, team and business success.

While Tribus recognise the approach to understanding and moving forward from your current reality is a proven framework, the route you need to take is a unique and specific response to the challenges your organisation faces. Their proven data-driven insights and extensive industry experience allow you to work together to pinpoint where you are now, identify any gaps, and support you in developing the capabilities and tools necessary to embed positive leadership behaviours throughout your organisation.

Tribus are there to help you unlock your leadership potential and support your rising stars.


At Tribus People, they will support you to clarify and, where necessary, re-establish and develop your vision and goals, providing the tools and expertise required to sustainably embed this throughout your organisation. Tribus helps you to reflect on the culture that exists today, the culture required to achieve your vision and provide the knowledge and skills to bring this culture to life across your organisation. 

Tribus are driven to help you create a place where your great people want to stick around and the best external talent wants to work for you and help you grow. 

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