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How does the recruitment process work?

If you’ve got a vacancy that you’d like us to work on, get in touch! It helps us to talk things through so that we can really understand the role, the kind of person you’re looking for and your timescales etc. We also like to meet face to face with our clients – this helps us get across to candidates the type of organisation they’d be working for, your team, the location etc.

Once we’ve agreed the terms, we get to work! We have a large database of people who are actively looking for work and we match people with the relevant skills and experience to a vacancy. We meet all of our candidates and will only send CVs to you of people who have received the job description and are happy to be put forward.

You then decide who you’d like to interview and we arrange the meeting with the candidate. Plus any subsequent interviews you may have. We will happily explain any tasks that might form part of the process too.

Check out this video where Sarah talks more about working together.