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Why are exit interviews important?

over 4 years ago

 Why are exit interviews important?

​Recruitment Consultant, Lisa Veale takes a look at why exit interviews are important and how they can help retain good employees!

​Lisa says “I meet people every day who are looking for a new job and one of the things I’ll always quickly ask them is why they want to leave their current job.

​“I expect you would be surprised to hear that wanting a higher basic salary is fairly low on the list. Below are some of the most common reasons that we are given. These are all things that employers can do something about and will make your organisation attractive to those who are looking for a new job".

Popular reasons why people leave their job
  • The reality of the role is different to the role they applied for and accepted – your employee feels they were mis-sold during the interview

  • There hasn’t been enough training

  • They don’t feel valued or appreciated

  • There’s not enough structure

  • There are feelings of insecurity or they’re unsure about the future of the company

  • Targets and expectations are being changed

  • Their manager

  • There’s no opportunity to progress or develop other skills

  • Morale is low within their team or throughout the organisation

  • They want a higher salary

“It would be worth considering, if you don’t already, conducting an exit interview with your employees, as they leave, to ensure that you fully understand the reasons why they’ve made the decision to go elsewhere.

​“Use it as an opportunity to encourage an open and honest conversation and use the feedback to make changes. The changes you make within your business can go a long way to making sure that you keep key members of the team.

​“As always, if you would like to talk more about this, please get in touch with one of the Sarah West Recruitment team.”

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