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It's good to talk

about 4 years ago

It's good to talk

​The Sarah West team absolutely love hearing from happy candidates who are thoroughly enjoying their new jobs.

​Sarah says “Even though I’ve been recruiting for over 20 years, it still gives me a buzz when I find someone their dream job.

​“Whilst some candidates have a very clear idea of what they want to do next or the type of company they want to work for, others aren’t so sure – we love working with both and can help both!

​“Our first step is always to meet candidates first to have a really good conversation about their career to date and the skills they have. Meeting face to face also allows us to pick up on things that don’t come across on a CV – like personality, attitude and aspirations – that whole conversation gives us a real insight as to what’s going be a good fit for them in terms of the job and the culture.

​“The meeting also gives our team the chance to bring a job to life and to be able to talk in detail about the live roles we have or companies we’d like to introduce someone to, although of course our role doesn’t end there. We’ll be in touch as new roles come in and keep going until our candidate has their perfect new job.

​“I recently heard from a candidate that I’d placed who’s loving her new job. A job she wouldn’t have considered had we not had that initial meeting. Here’s what our candidate had to say!”

Candidate feedback

​“I had been thinking about exploring a more challenging role with a more preferable working pattern for a while, but having been with my last employer for over 3 years found the current job market quite daunting and I didn’t really know where to start. I applied for a few jobs of interest using online job sites and approached two recruitment agencies directly on the recommendations of previous colleagues and I was also contacted by two directly, one of which was Sarah West Recruitment.

​“Sarah was the only consultants to offer me a meeting at her beautiful offices based at Dart’s Farm to really discuss my needs and expectations from a new employer. I was given a few opportunities to consider but one role particularly stood out. Looking at the job specification it probably wouldn’t have been a position that I would have considered initially but once Sarah took the time to explain the role in considerable depth explaining how my skills matched the role requirements it became clear that this was the role for me! I am pleased to say that I joined the team within a couple of weeks of my initial meeting with Sarah and I am thoroughly enjoying my new career path and am grateful to Sarah for introducing us.

​“Thanks again and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you!”

If you would like us to help in your search for work, please do get in touch! You can also take a look at the jobs we’re currently advertising on our site.​

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