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The art of matchmaking

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over 4 years ago

by Sarah Knight

The art of matchmaking

​The clients we work with have a very clear idea of the skills, experience and type of person that will be a good fit to their team or business. However, it’s hard to judge whether someone is a cultural fit – and that’s where we come in.

​We always meet candidates before putting them forward for a job and that makes all the difference. We’re able to pick up on things that don’t come across on a CV – the nuances that make it obvious that someone’s potentially a great fit for a role – their personality, their attitude, their values etc. And that’s when we’re able to work our matchmaking magic!

​We often find ourselves gently persuading clients to see a candidate that on paper they wouldn’t normally progress. It’s done with the very best of intentions and it’s massively rewarding when we hear the ‘wild card’ candidate has turned out to be ‘the one’.

Client feedback

​Here’s what one of our clients think:

​“I would like to thank Sarah and her team for everything they have done. We are very particular in our requirements and using their consultative approach, time and time again, Sarah and her team get it right.”

Get in touch if you’re looking to make that all important next hire! ​

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