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It's all about creating a buzz

over 4 years ago

It's all about creating a buzz

​​Making a candidate feel good goes a long way to them accepting an offer.

​With an estimated 1,000 people a day in the UK finding employment, coupled with new job vacancies said to be at an all time high, clients are having to work harder than ever to get the talent they want to join their team.

​How is this company (and other clients that we work with) managing to get it so right? In short we think it’s because they’re giving candidates a real feel good factor – a real buzz about joining them. And they’re doing this in a number of ways.

Delivering their vision and inspiring

​Successful clients do this in bucket loads. When we speak to candidates who’ve had this in their interview – it shines through. You can tell they’re truly blown away by the opportunity they’ve been talking about and the people they’ll be working for. In short companies like this epitomise a great Employer Brand.

Committing to the long term

​Your plans for the company are important however so are your plans for the candidate. If having a career is important to them – what are the progression opportunities? Is there a training budget? At what points will there be salary reviews? Spelling these out demonstrates you’re in it for the long haul.

They don’t hang around

​Respond quickly to applications and get people in immediately for interview. It took one client 6 working days from interview confirmation to the successful candidate starting their job. Pretty impressive! The same goes for making an offer – don’t delay.

Offering an excellent salary – and other rewards

​Good companies make an offer that their prospective hire will jump at. Also know how to motivate the type of people you’re recruiting. If you’re building a sales team for example offering a big incentive will get them performing from the outset.

​Consider market rate and company pay scales but don’t ‘under offer’ – you want to secure ‘your’ new recruit and for them to have bags of enthusiasm about joining you

Listening and being flexible

​Listening to what someone’s saying means you can overcome any possible stumbling blocks. A little flexibility on hours? Some financial help towards transport costs? Building this type of thing in to the benefits on offer and being able to adapt around the needs of each particular applicant can go a long way and make a candidate feel valued before they’ve even started!

​We’d love to hear what you do to create a buzz and get interviewees excited about your brand and offering, in addition to the things we’ve mentioned. Is there anything we can do to help you? Get in touch!

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