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If you don't move, you lose it!

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almost 5 years ago

by Sarah Knight

If you don't move, you lose it!

​​When you’re busy at work it can be easy to let wellbeing drop down the ‘to do’ list.

Dr Paul Anastasiou – the Topsham Chiropractor – gives us a gentle reminder that getting away from our desks is an absolute must!

“Our bodies are amazing; so amazing in fact that they are constantly evaluating the environment and making adjustments in order to keep doing what we ask of it. Our bodies are adaptive in nature and will change shape and function accordingly. The problem lies herein; what are you asking your body to do?

“Unfortunately many of us are desk bound throughout the working week, being sat down for long periods, little movement, shortened muscles, lengthened muscles, poor motor control etc. This behaviour continues when you drive home, eat your meals, watch TV, browse your phone and even when you sleep. Your wonderful brain interprets this information and processes it, leading to a marvellous adaptation ideally suited to your needs. An individual who needs to sit down all day; well a good stable start would be a stiff back neck and shoulders. A long C shaped back would be ideal as you can lean back in the chair relax your shoulders and look at the computer screen. Point taken.

“Having adapted to a lifestyle which works for us when we’re in the chair doesn’t come cheap. Over time this unhealthy ‘workstyle’ decision causes excessive postural stress, imbalance and pain. We pay the price.

“So what’s the solution? Apart from the obvious workstation ergonomic solutions one must realise this basic adaptation response. We must take control of our bodies and MOVE, stretch, exercise; vary the body’s input. If we feed healthy movement choices to counter the lack of movement then we can prevent musculoskeletal pain, weakness and degeneration, be more productive and happier individuals.

“If you want to be able to move you have to move it! If you don’t move, you lose it!”

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