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How to make candidates want to work for you

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almost 5 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

How to make candidates want to work for you

​​How can you get candidates to want to work for you? It’s easy to assume you can advertise a good role with a good salary and that quality candidates will be flocking to work for you. It’s not the case, our local market is buoyant and as such the power lies with the candidates who can be picky about who they work for.

​Savvy candidates are looking beyond the role and the salary you’re offering. They are looking into your company reputation, culture, values, your policies, the benefits you offer, working environment, financial situation, your ‘take’ on work life balance and much more. They want to make sure that they make the right career move.

​How does your company stand up to that kind of scrutiny?

​Things to consider as part of positioning your company as one of the best to work for in your industry – and the area:

What are the first impressions of your business?

​If someone researches your company online, what do they find in terms of your social media presence, website content and online reviews? Does the information currently available put you, and all that you can offer, in a good light to prospective employees?

​If someone was to drive past, or even pop into your place of work what would their first impression be of your organisation? We get so used to our surroundings it’s hard to sometimes be objective (as you stop noticing that the signage or furniture needs replacing, the car park isn’t lit or the bins need emptying). Why not ask someone who doesn’t work with you to give a valuable opinion of the first impression a visitor gets?

​​Ensure you have a well considered attraction and recruitment strategy. Ensure hiring managers are trained to interview properly and that feedback is timely and thorough. Even the candidates you don’t employ can be great brand ambassadors for your organisation, if you treat them properly.

​​Research salary and benefits packages and ensure what you’re offering is competitive. Offering the absolute minimum, in any relationship (!), isn’t very attractive. Pay a decent salary which is reviewed regularly and reward your employees. So many don’t – stand out from the crowd!

​Be known as a company that train and develop their staff. This is so important to candidates, most of whom cite this as the thing they are looking for most in their next role.

​Make sure your current workforce are good brand ambassadors. If they are happy not only will they be more productive, less stressed, have higher job satisfaction and company loyalty – but will also be enhancing your reputation as an employer of choice as they talk about you!

​The team at Sarah West Recruitment offer support and guidance, as a matter of course, to their clients throughout the recruitment process. We are happy to help you understand what candidates in the local area are looking for and what you should be offering in terms of salary and benefits; to make sure you are attracting and retaining the best employees for your business.

​There’s plenty more information for hiring managers in our blog section.

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