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Hiring? Signs you shouldn't ignore during the process

almost 5 years ago

Hiring? Signs you shouldn't ignore during the process

​​Hiring? The perfect candidate is something all companies are looking for – someone who will fit in well with the team, has the skills to do the job, and who is keen and willing.

​It’s easy to make a mistake during the hiring process, here are some warning signs you might like to be mindful of.

The interviewee is reserved about their previous job/performance

​If you’re interviewing a candidate and despite your best efforts they aren’t willing to open up about their previous job, the chances are they are keeping something back that they don’t want you to hear.

Their CV isn't accurate

​If you find yourself in conversation with a candidate who talks about roles that aren’t on their CV, or they get confused about the dates they were in education or historical roles or their CV doesn’t match their Linkedin profile.

They haven't researched you or your company and don't understand the role they're interviewing for

​You’re interviewing someone who’s looking for a job as opposed to wanting to work for you and within your company. They haven’t put any effort into interview preparation and seem to just be ‘winging it!’

There's a reluctance to fit in with your hiring processes

If you’re informing the new potential hire about the next stages in the company’s process and they’re offering excuses about why you won’t be able to get references, they won’t be available for the next interview, can’t find any ‘evidence’ you are asking them to provide or are unwilling to do tasks or sit tests.

A sour attitude from the get go

​You sense a bad attitude, negativity or arrogance.

Poor punctuality/being late

​Was the candidate late to the interview? Have they been late returning your phone calls and you find yourself chasing them? Sometimes there’s a good reason for this, other times it’s intrinsic and you should beware.

They're fearful of change or something new

​It’s always exciting to tell a candidate about changes or movements within the company that they’re going to be a part of. It’s your business and you enjoy telling them about how they can help with the changes.

​But, if they look unsure about it or uncomfortable, they may not be as keen as first thought, so be wary of those that aren’t happy with contributing to, or being part of, change.


Sometimes you just feel as though something isn’t right. You can’t always put your finger on why… but your gut is, almost always, right and not to be ignored.

We hope that the above advice can help your company when it comes to making your next hire. Need help? This is where we come in, to help you find the right candidates for your business.

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