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How to be the go-to company for telesales agents

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about 5 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

How to be the go-to company for telesales agents

​​Experienced telesales agents who enjoy outbound calling, are good at it, and who have the resilience and motivation to hit/exceed targets are in demand in the area. With most companies paying similar salaries, it’s really important that you differentiate yourself from the competition. It’s important to understand what these candidates are looking for, if you want to be the company they choose to work for.

Don't hang around

​Move quickly in the recruitment process. Jump on good CV’s, interview quickly and make quick decisions. You cannot afford to wait to have other candidates to compare a good candidate to. You need to be prepared to make a decision on each individual. Or you risk losing them.

​Build relationships quickly. Telesales agents are sociable and enjoy a good team spirit and a happy working environment. The warmth they associate with your business could well make the difference when the candidate is deciding where they’ll be happiest working.

​Be flexible as to when you can interview and be prepared to meet out of hours. Many companies don’t. This means you’ll potentially be moving faster that other companies who are hiring. It also shows that you’re a flexible employer. Both give you an advantage!

Understand the profile

​Understand the profile of a telesales person. They’re typically motivated by money, recognition and career development. Consider this and use it to sell yourself and your company. Be clear what you have to offer them at interview.

​Reward them with a competitive commission structure. Salaries are ‘much of a muchness’ for these roles locally. However knowing sales people are motivated by high earnings based on high performance, your role could be more attractive if the OTE is realistic and achievable and you can demonstrate this.

​If you’re going to make a job offer. Do it quickly!

We recruit telesales executives, or people with telephone sales skills, for many companies in Exeter. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have or to help you with your next hire! Get in touch with Robyn.

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