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Hiring digital marketers? Some food for thought

about 5 years ago

Hiring digital marketers? Some food for thought

​​As business owners we’ve all had to embrace digital marketing in the last few years. It’s become a bigger part of most company’s marketing strategy. Making sure our brand is not just visible on line but outperforming our competitors has become a big priority. For most that will involve managing a website or eCommerce site and related search engine optimisation. There’s also managing social media channels, writing content, running AdWords/paid social campaigns and email marketing. To name but a few. Whilst also having an eye on the analytics to track results.

Hiring a digital marketer

​Many companies are now considering hiring someone to specifically to ‘do digital’ within their business. It’s important to understand that while there are many excellent generalists out there it would be unusual to find one person who excels at, and enjoys, all these very different aspects of digital marketing.

​To give you an example. The type of marketer who is good at PPC/Paid search, the analytics and reporting around it and who will effectively use your budget to drive leads in this way would be someone analytical and methodical with excellent attention to detail who enjoys problem solving. If they had gone to University, they potentially studied a science related subject. They’re often someone who is quite happy to work on their own.

​A person who would thrive in a role where they were running social media channels and writing content would normally be an outgoing/social personality. They have a good command of the English language. And love interacting with people on and off line. They’re normally someone who loves to be creative and they would thrive working as part of a team.

​To meet your business needs, it’s possible you need to hire more than one person. Or outsource some aspects of your digital marketing to make sure you get the right results. If you outsource your digital marketing at the moment, your marketing agency (if you’re able to talk to them about this) can probably give you a good steer on writing a realistic job description and person specification and what you could/should continue to outsource so that you can weigh up your options. If you don’t use an agency why not talk to us – the Sarah West Recruitment team have extensive experience working with local businesses and helping them find the right marketing person for their team. We’d be happy to offer some advice.

This post was inspired by a conversation with Al Banks of Optix Solutions.

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