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What does your office say about you?

over 5 years ago

What does your office say about you?

​​What does your office say about you? Does it make the right impression?

​Exeter, and the surrounding area, currently has the lowest level of unemployment it’s had in a good number of years. Good candidates are in the driving seat, often with multiple employers competing for their skills. Salary, career development, management, a company’s culture and working environment are at the top of the list of considerations for job seekers. And let’s not overlook the needs of existing staff and the retention of your current workforce!

​As an employer, are you doing as much as you can to make sure that the working environment is as good as it could be?

Here are some basic things to consider
  • How does the outside of the building look as you approach?

  • Is everything clean, neat and tidy?

  • Do you have up to date technology and is everything working as it should be?

  • Who are the people that visitors to the building first meet, what first impression do they give?

  • Is there a dress code in the office?

  • Have you got enough/decent signage?

  • Is the office well/appropriately lit?

  • Do you have a decent kitchen/time out facilities?

  • Are the loos up to standard?!

Next time you walk into your office try to look at it through the eyes of a visitor and then consider improvements you could make to ensure that your office is making the best possible impression on prospective, and current, employees. Or even better – how about asking your staff what they think and improvements they’d like to see?

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