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Don't be complacent after making a job offer

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over 5 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

Don't be complacent after making a job offer

​After making a job offer, it's very normal, after the excitement of a busy recruitment process, for things to go a bit quiet after a job offer has been accepted by the candidate. HR processes normally take over at this point and behind the scenes all the arrangements are being made for the new starter and everyone is looking forward to the new person joining the team. However rarely is anyone from the company making contact with the new hire to start building a relationship. Or to even check they’ve have the necessary paperwork.

​The reality is that your new employee has had their CV on job boards, is registered with recruitment agencies, has applied and probably interviewed for other roles. They are likely to still be being contacted about other roles in the area. They are also about to hand in their notice and therefore potentially vulnerable to a counter offer from their current employer.

Staying in touch

​It is essential that once a job offer’s been accepted that you have a strategy to manage the relationship with the applicant. It’s a bit of a ‘no mans land’ between the acceptance of the offer up until the day they start their new job.

​A quick call from HR to acknowledge the paperwork and with a quick update on company news, contact from their new line manager to talk about the training schedule that has just been put in place for them or an invitation to a team lunch/night out will help them to already feel like part of the team and will also give you the chance to check on their levels of enthusiasm and potentially deal with any issues that might arise and to maintain contact.

​A few well timed phone calls, or emails, could very well make the difference between your new employee starting happily or you having to go through the whole recruitment process again much quicker than you had thought.

​The team at Sarah West Recruitment manage this process as part of the service that we offer to our clients. We remain in contact with the candidate, making regular calls at key points, to ensure that their questions are answered, any fears allayed or issues are dealt on your behalf.

If you'd like us to help you find your newest team member, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch.

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