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Changing Careers: How do I get it right?

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11 months ago

by Robyn Warwick

Changing Careers: How do I get it right?

​You get asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ from an early age. Yet only 10% of us go into the career we thought we wanted (McClear, 2019) and many are still uncertain even years later about whether they’ve chosen the right profession. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger,he started his career as a bodybuilder, transitioned to a Hollywood actor and then changed career paths entirely to enter politics and serve as the Governor of California.

So importantly, if you are thinking about changing careers, you are not alone and it isn’t too late. We know first-hand how successful a career change can be, our Recruitment Consultant Helen Shaw did just this, transitioning from retail into recruitment. Hear what Helen has to say:

 “It's important to remember that whilst you might be starting a totally new career, you are bringing with you a different perspective, skills or areas of expertise that a business doesn’t necessarily have. The confidence you have in yourself, and your ability will set you up for success no matter what is thrown at you”.

 So, if you aren’t in the career you thought you’d be in or want to make a change, how do you do it? And how can you be sure to get it right?

Your network is your net worth

This is as true now as it has ever been. Your network really can be invaluable. Look to leverage your existing relationships and build new connections in your desired industry. Attend networking events, join relevant online groups, and reach out to people on social channels to learn more about potential roles and companies.

You don’t have to be of school age to do ‘work experience’

A great way to try out a new career for size is to do some work experience, whether that’s voluntary work, picking up a temporary role or finding someone within the industry to shadow. This is a low-commitment way to answer those questions you may have about changing career paths, and it also looks great on your CV!

Consider the careers of the future

With the rapid development of technology and AI, changing careers is a great time to get ahead of the curve and consider what roles are going to be desired in the future and what roles will become irrelevant.

Your skills are more transferable than you know

We hear you. You are worried you will have to go to an entry-level role. But your skills, expertise and experience in the working world are more valuable than you may know. The key is to highlight how your skills can be used in a different industry. We often have candidates not include something on their CVs as they don’t think it is relevant and undersell themselves. Therefore, understand what would be relevant in that industry and make sure you shout about your strengths!

Partner with the right agency

Many hesitate to switch careers, worried they don’t know enough about the market they want to join. What’s the current demand for your skills, what skills do I need to develop and what are the salary benchmarks in the job market? This is where partnering with the right agency is vital. Your career is a journey, and you need someone by your side who will help you to recognise the value and growth of your skills, provide insights for a successful career transition, and crucially, help you to show up as your best self.

At Sarah West Recruitment, we are here to do just that. With our market insights, CV guidance, and interview preparation, our process ensures you can make your career change successful!

Lastly, changing careers won’t necessarily be easy, but it’ll be well worth it. Chat with us today.

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