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Is Your Employer Value Proposition Ready For Gen Z?

11 months ago

Is Your Employer Value Proposition Ready For Gen Z?

​Is Your Employer Value Proposition Ready For Gen Z?

If you want to attract Gen Z talent, it's time to reassess your Employer Value Proposition.

With 32% of the global population belonging to this cohort (born between 1997 and 2012), it won't be long before more than 50 percent of the workforce comprises Gen Z and millennials. To future-proof your business and stay competitive, you need to offer what Gen Z’s are looking for.

What is an Employer Value Proposition?

Simply put, an Employer Value Proposition is a business's core values that form the overall employer brand. It's a "contract" between an employer and a prospective employee. In exchange for a candidate's experience, skills, and talent, the company offers incentives that attract and retain top talent.

Best Employer Value Proposition Examples

Of course, Employer Value Proposition needs to be an attractive offering, it must also be realistic. A typical standard structure should consider the employee experience, the company's unique offerings, and the offerings of the company's competition. This combination can help create a great Employer Value Proposition that attracts and retains the right candidates.

How to create an Employer Value Proposition for Gen Z Employees

While every individual has different priorities when it comes to employment opportunities, there are some common sought-after aspects of employment that you can focus on to attract Gen Z talent.

Here are just a few to get you started: -

Give Rewards

Financial security is at the top of the list for most Gen Z, having grown up in a recession and a cost-of-living crisis. Competitive salaries alone won't do the job; you also need to offer other rewards like flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities, and paid time off incentives.

Provide Meaningful Work

Gen Z want to do more than just pay the bills; they want to do something meaningful that makes a tangible difference. Their main goal for going to work is to build experience, develop their careers, and improve their earning potential.

Be Unique

Gen Z’ers are selective about the companies they work with, so you need to have a unique offering that sets you apart from the competition. Ultimately, you need to create a company vision that appeals to Gen Z. Values rank highly, demanding social change and accountability, from themselves, their peers, businesses, and political leaders. Consider how you showcase your Environmental commitments as part of your recruiting campaigns, as an example.

Entrepreneurial flair

There's great potential in Gen Z if you pitch this just right. Despite reservations and setbacks, many young people are pursuing side hustles, creating their own opportunities, and going into business for themselves. In fact, even though some economic conditions have worked against young entrepreneurs, Gen Z’ers have several natural characteristics that will lead them down the path of small business ownership. Running a side hustle takes a huge amount of creativity, dedication, and planning to make it a success. Think creatively about how to harness these skills and innovation to support your business’s growth plans. 

Be Approachable

Gen Z is all about being connected with one another, so it's essential to them that they can work with people they enjoy and build personal relationships with them. Inclusivity is also crucial, so people at all levels should be approachable.

Provide Opportunities

Employers need to provide learning and growth opportunities to make their company appealing to Gen Z. This might include the chance to work on the front line or the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts. These short bursts of experiences are a surefire way to keep Gen Z super motivated.

Do you need help navigating your Employer Value Proposition to attract up-and-coming talent to your organisation? If you do, pick up the phone and chat with us today.

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