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How to embrace the nerves and find your dream job

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about 2 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

How to embrace the nerves and find your dream job

​As a recruitment consultant, it hasn’t been uncommon to see a candidate go from being super excited and literally bouncing about starting a job hunt to doubting if they do want a change or should stay where they are. 

So how do you find the balance between knowing if you are ready and taking charge and going for it?

  • Give your feelings time to settle – changing jobs is a big deal and with that comes lots of emotions and excitement about the potential of what’s to come, fear of leaving what you already know, guilt for leaving colleagues and that’s just a few. When you’re going through the process of searching for a new job your emotions could be up and down so take time to assess them and the role they need to (or don’t need to play) in your decision making.

  • Stand by the things that matter – making sure you are applying for a job that ticks your boxes is really important, it can be easy to get swept away by an increased salary, the draw of travelling and many other things. Stand firm by the things that matter to you, make sure the jobs you apply for have them (or can lead to them) and don’t get swept up in the appeal of things that actually aren’t your ‘must haves’.

  • Cliched or not, nerves are good, harness them! I’ve definitely had this said to me before (in fact more than once) and although it may make me want to roll my eyes the reality is it’s so true! Nerves and feeling anxious show you care and, they help cement that you’re doing something that matters to you. Harness them, let them help you focus, let them give you that extra energy and excitement you need. Own them in conversations with potential employers, if you’re asked how you’re feeling, be honest, saying ‘I’m excited but a bit nervous’ is not going to be seen as a bad thing. 

Be you, stay focused on the things that matter and follow your feelings (once you’ve given them a little time to settle :)). 

If you’re on the roller coaster of trying to decide if you’re ready for a career change give me a call or drop me an email, I’d be happy to chat through it with you.

Photo by Anthony Tori on Unsplash

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