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3 key questions to ask to find the right recruitment partner

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about 2 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

3 key questions to ask to find the right recruitment partner

​With the job market remaining competitive, working with a recruitment partner can make a real difference in finding and securing the talent you need. 

Through asking the right questions of a potential recruitment partner as part of your selection process you will find one that doesn’t just fill your vacancy but that are invested in you and able to offer advice, recommendations and support throughout the process. 

Here are 3 key questions to ask 

1.     What process do they follow?

A good recruitment partner will have a consistent process that is followed to ensure that not only do you know what to expect and when but also to ensure that they truly understand you, your organisation, the ins and outs of the vacancy you have and what the perfect candidate looks like and why. 

2.     What do they offer in terms of advice, support and recommendations? 

If you’re looking for a recruitment partner you are looking to gain additional expertise not someone who just administers the placement of an ad and screening of applicants (that won’t get you the candidate you need!). Be sure to ask a potential recruitment partner at what stages they will provide advice and support and what difference it makes. For example will they take your job description and use it as is or provide feedback and suggestions in terms of job title, salary and skills to make your role as competitive as possible? Will they offer advice in terms of interviewing approach? 

3.     What confidence can they provide that they are focused on finding the right candidate not just any candidate? 

A valued recruitment partner is invested in your organisation and finding the perfect candidates for you. Alongside a clear process and total transparency at each stage they should also be offering guarantees, so if for some reason a placed candidate doesn’t stay there will be a period of time where they will find a replacement candidate at no cost. This isn’t offered with the expectation of being used but is offered to illustrate the confidence in getting it right first time. 

Recruiting is not easy and has changed a lot in the last 2 years but, like any partnership you need to ensure it is adding value to your organisation either through adding extra skills, reducing costs or providing time savings. Take the time to find a partner that is going to provide you these things and of course the perfect candidates.

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