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Looking for a job? Q&A

about 4 years ago

Looking for a job? Q&A

​We hear from a lot of people who are looking for a job in Exeter and the surrounding area. You might have questions about who we are, what we do and how we'll support your search for work. Here are just some of the questions we get asked, regularly.

What makes you a good recruitment agency to work with in Exeter?

​With over 20 years’ experience working, in the recruitment industry, in the South West there are very few who can boast of such an extensive network, business connections and reputation for getting it right.

​Our team puts what's right for you at the heart of the work that we do and are passionate about finding you the right role, with the right organisation.

​Take a look at our Google Reviews to see what other candidates have to say about their experience of working together.

What areas do you cover?

​Sarah West Recruitment is based on the outskirts of Exeter and our team work with a broad range of clients throughout Devon and the wider South West region.

​That said, many of the organisations we work with need to recruit for positions further afield – if they have multiple sites or are expanding geographically for example. Likewise, we do and have joined forces with clients throughout the UK who value the way we work.

​So, while you’ll see that many of our vacancies are based in the Exeter and surrounding area, we also work on roles country-wide too.

What types of jobs in the South West do you work on?

Our focus on those types of roles that are/were traditionally office-based. Roles we recruit for include:

  • Customer Service

  • Finance

  • HR

  • IT and Technical

  • Marketing

  • Office Support

  • Project Management

  • Sales

Does a jobseeker have to pay a recruitment agency?

​No, not a thing. Our team gets paid by the hiring organisation, to find them person with the right skills and experience, who’ll be the perfect addition to their existing team personality-wise too.

Is it confidential? I don’t want my employer to know I’m looking for a new job.

​Yes, completely. We never disclose any information about you, to any organisation, without getting your permission first.

You’re advertising a job I’m interested in; how do I apply?

​There’s lots of different ways to apply for a position:

  • Sarah West Recruitment website: You can apply directly, through advert on our site, with the ‘apply now’ button you’ll see on each of the jobs we’re advertising. There’s just a couple of fields to fill in – your name and email address so that we can get in touch with you – and you’ll need to upload a copy of your CV.

  • Job boards: You might see a role advertised on a job board that you’re registered with and you can apply through that.

  • Email: Send your CV to, letting us know the role you’d like to apply for.

  • Social media: As well as adverts appearing on our company channels, our team of recruitment consultants also highlight roles that they’re working on, particularly on LinkedIn. You can message them directly, to let them know you’re interested, in the vacancy they’re working on.

​The plus of applying through our website is that you’ll have the option of being alerted to any other relevant jobs, as soon as we advertise them.

Can I send you my CV, without applying for a specific role?

​Of course. We’re always keen to hear from people who’d like us to help them with their search for work. You can email it to, or through the contact us page on our website. Letting us know the type of work that you’re looking for, the locations you’re considering – in fact any information that gives our team a bit more insight in to how we can potentially help with your search for work – is always really useful.

I’ve applied for a job, or I’ve sent you my CV, what happens next?

​You will hear back from us - our team review all applications and CV’s as quickly as possible.

​If the Recruitment Consultant managing the role, thinks you’re potentially a good match, they’ll get in touch. Likewise, if you’ve sent your CV and they think they’ll be able to help with your search for work, they’ll contact you.

​If, unfortunately, you’re not going to be progressed for a role, or we feel we’re not able to help with your search for work, we will let you know. For you, we feel it’s far better to be honest and potentially signpost you to other recruitment agencies, that may be better placed to help with your search.

How do I register with your recruitment agency?

​Once one of the team has been in touch initially, they’ll arrange a registration meeting with you. It’s a chance to find out more about you – your skills and experience, the type of roles you’re looking for, industries you’re passionate about etc – all the information over and above what’s on your CV, that will help us find you your dream job. And of course, it’s an opportunity for you to find out more about us as a team, in particular the consultant you’ll be working with, and how we work.

​Ahead of the meeting that is typically do by video call, you’ll be asked to complete a simple registration form and send us evidence of your right to work in the UK (usually a copy of your passport).

I’ve been registered but you don’t have a suitable role right now. Then what?

​As you’ll be on our system and as you’ve told us the types of roles that you’d like to hear about, once a suitable vacancy comes in, you’ll hear from us. You’ll get more information about the role from the Consultant, to see if it’s something you’re interested in. Rest assured your CV will never be sent to an organisation, without your permission.

​We also work with a number of organisations that are always looking for talented people to join their team, even if they’re not actively recruiting – in other words they ask us to let them know when we find someone who’d be a great fit for their team. In that situation, again with your permission, we’d share your CV with that organisation.

I’d like to be progressed for one of your permanent positions. What happens next?

​Your CV will be sent to the hiring organisation. If they’d like to see you for an interview, we’ll work together to get that arranged and you’ll be given all the support and information you need by our team, in the run up.

How do your Recruitment Consultants help me, with the interview process?

​You can expect as much help and support as you need throughout. We’ll make all the arrangements for you, having checked your availability first. We find it also helps to have a pre-interview chat, to make sure that you have all the information you need. If you’re having a wobble, or have questions at any point, we’re always at the end of the phone for a chat.

​You’ll be fully supported throughout the process, regardless of the number of stages along the way.

​These are just a handful of the questions we get asked. If you there’s something you’d like to know about, in terms of how we’d work together, just let us know!

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