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Onboarding: The art of making a good impression

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over 4 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

Onboarding: The art of making a good impression

​​How do you make a good impression with new starters?

​As an employer – the time between a job being accepted and your new recruit starting can be a tricky one. Get it right and you’re on the road to retaining good employees. Get it wrong and you run the risk that the person will go elsewhere.

​As it continues to be a candidate market– it’s even more important than ever to invest in developing and nurturing employee relationships, even before they start.

​Here’s what we think is important…


​Chances are you’ve worked hard to attract the right person and show that you’re a great place to work, so the last thing you want your new starter to feel is ignored after accepting your job offer. If you’ve got an HR team, they’re probably responsible for getting the practicalities sorted such as contracts but it’s equally important for the hiring manager to keep in touch. Saying how much you’re looking forward to welcoming your new team member can go a long way.

Come along!

​Why not invite your new employee along to get to know the team before they start? We have a weekly team lunch that’s our chance to take five away from our desks and catch up on everything we’ve got going on – both work and play – and our new starter has been invited to join us ever since he accepted the role. It’s certainly not obligatory to come along but it’s been lovely getting to know each other more informally and come the official start day – will make it more chilled out as we already know each other.

Brief the team

​Let other team know who’s going to be joining, when and what they’ll be doing and see if there’s someone who would be willing to be work ‘buddy’ and help them settle in.

Preparation is key

​From ID badges to usernames and passwords – make sure everything’s in place for day one – it looks professional and organised.

Special touches

​Give a welcome card, get some team treats to celebrate – something to make your new starter feel valued. In our case a very special mug’s ready and waiting!


​Have an organised programme planned including refresher sessions. There’s normally an awful lot to take on board during induction and with the best will in the world, the brightest spark isn’t going to remember everything. If you’ve got an intranet, dedicate an area to new starters.

Say hello

Make introductions. There’s nothing worse than walking in to a room full of people and not being introduced.

Regular catch ups

​Make time to check in with your new starter, to give them feedback on how things are going and of course it’s an opportunity for them to give their thoughts too.

What do you like when you're starting a new job? Let us know!

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