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Graduate? Why you should use an agency

over 4 years ago

Graduate? Why you should use an agency

​You’re almost a graduate! You’ve spent the last few years getting to this point and if you haven’t already, it’s time to start making plans for where next?

​If you’re looking to start your career, contacting a recruitment agency might not spring to mind. After all, surely most office-based agency roles need the applicant to have some experience?

​Josh says “We’re always on the lookout for good graduates looking to get their foot in the door with companies where they’ll get the opportunity to learn and develop.

​“We work with a good number of local employers who do exactly that. What they’re often looking for is potential and someone who’ll be a good fit culturally too.

​“If you’re going to graduate soon, send us your CV and we’ll do our best to help with your job search!”

​What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency if you’re a graduate? Here’s what the team at Sarah West think!

Getting behind the CV

​Our registration process involves having a chat to get to know you better. We talk about the things you’d like to do (and what you don’t!). We find out what you do in your spare time as well. It’s amazing the things that people get up to that aren’t included on a CV that are totally relevant when it comes to finding a job.

Advice and guidance - it's free!

​If you want us to, we’ll share our thoughts on your CV. Or give you information on the type of role that we think would suit your skills and experience. We’ll also happily talk about the types of companies that are recruiting too.

​If you need us, we’re on hand, until you get a job offer. We’ll support you before and after interviews and are at the end of the phone or an email if you have any questions along the way.

You're on our radar

​Once you’re registered, you’ll be matched to roles as soon as they come in. No longer do you have to check to see what relevant jobs we have – we’ll do that for you. We’ll send you job specs to look at and then it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to be put forward.

Free access to our network

​Take advantage of the years we’ve spent developing relationships with the companies we work with. Some rely on Sarah West for all of their recruitment.

Don't wait to finish your course (OK this isn't a benefit!)

​It has been known for the recruitment process to happen over night but don’t bank on it!. By the time you’ve registered with an agency, gone through a first and probably second interview – you’re typically looking at a few weeks.

​For the right candidate, many employers will consider offering part time hours while you finish your course or put back the start date back until after you’ve graduated.

What type of roles do we place?

Marketing Assistant

This was a great role for someone to learn about and experience first-hand all aspects of marketing. The successful candidate had graduated six months before and while having been a marketing internship for a few weeks, had no permanent experience. What they showed however was a passion for many aspects of the role being advertised that included setting up, managing and writing a successful fashion blog and using social media to market it.

​Here’s what they thought about working with the Sarah West team!

​“I’d like to thank Sarah for finding me a fantastic job. She and her team were really helpful throughout the entire process and didn’t stop until I’d got a job offer. They briefed me for each interview so I knew what to expect, and gave me really helpful advice.

​“Thank you Sarah!”

Research Analyst

This role was for a company that transforms the way organisations respond to their customers. They were on the look out for someone with a First in science or maths, to support client projects by analysing the data behind their digital offerings.

​While their degree was in a subject that our client was looking for, their final year project demonstrated the type of skills that would be needed in the role. And they were a great cultural fit too!

Business Development Executive

​Having recently finished an MSc, this candidate was on the lookout for a role that would give them the opportunity to learn, develop and be challenged! They were immediately matched for a Business Development Executive role. They were keen to get in to a role immediately so the Sarah West team also put them forward for a short term contract role while the permanent role’s process took place. Five days after registering with Sarah West they were offered the short term contract and a few weeks later, the permanent role too.

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