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Are you resilient? Want the potential to earn decent money?

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over 4 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

Are you resilient? Want the potential to earn decent money?

​​If it’s a “yes” then get in touch with Recruitment Consultant Robyn who has entry level roles waiting for the right people! Here’s his thoughts on getting started in a sales career.

Are you right for a sales career?

​“First things first, ask yourself if you’re the kind of person that’s going to suit a sales job. Selling can involve a lot of hard graft. Yes, there can be an element of luck involved but if you want to achieve the earnings that are advertised on a job advert you’ve got to work hard and put the hours in. Getting out what you put in definitely applies here.

​“You’ve also got to be determined, ambitious and be prepared to persevere. You’ll get regular knockbacks. You’ll have to move on and learn from rejections.

​“On the plus side, telesales roles tend to be in busy and buzzy environments. If you’re someone who likes to be sociable – chances are you’ll be with people just like you!”

Getting started

​“Like any career, becoming a successful takes time, experience and determination. So where should you start?

​“Respected entry level roles generally include telesales. This is where you’ll get to hone your skills and show that you have the resilience you’ll need.

​“Experience isn’t always necessary as you’ll get training. If you can show that you’re confident talking to people over the phone and you’ve the right personality to fit in with their team too – that can be enough for some of the clients I work with.

​“In return you can expect your starting salary to be around £18k. There are also bonus schemes that will boost your salary. Earnings in your first year could easily be in the mid £20k’s.”

What kind of companies do you recruit for?

​“I work with companies who are always on the look out for good people because they’re growing and are winning large contracts.

​“Telesales roles can get a bad press with some jobs having unrealistic call targets but that’s not the case with the companies I recruit for. There are targets but they’re achievable. With the support you get from the management team, they are very realistic – it would be unusual for someone to not hit them.

​“They’re also genuinely great teams that work hard but know how to have fun doing it too.”

Where next?

​“Having put in the ground work – next steps could be an Account Manager or Business Development Manager. These tend to have higher salaries and better commission structures so the sky’s the limit when it comes to earning potential!”

Now's a great time!

​“There are more good sales jobs in and around Exeter than there are suitable candidates. Now couldn’t be a better time to start your sales career.

​“Are you hungry for it? Prepared to work hard to achieve? If so, what’s stopping you contacting me? Let’s have a chat to see what I can do to help find you that opportunity.”

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