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What's a career in Telesales like?

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almost 5 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

What's a career in Telesales like?

​So... What is Telesales?

​Sales has evolved hugely in the last decade. These days almost all companies approach sales from a relationship building perspective. The ‘new’ way of selling is to build rapport, relationships and trust. And to establish the company you represent as a trusted advisor. It’s not so much about selling as about consulting, and helping the customer make the right choice. Supporting them through that process and building a long term relationship between the two organisations.

​A successful salesperson is someone who can listen, ask pertinent questions and understand the customer’s needs. And then come up with a solution.

Transferable roles

Call centre agents, or those who have worked in office based customer service and are used to being on the telephone, particularly those who have been ‘upselling’, often make great telesales agents. You just need a willingness to be on the phone, the confidence to make outbound calls and the ability to build rapport. And some resilience!


​There are employers out there desperate for you to work for them. Telesales agents are in short supply. You can earn a basic salary in the region of £20-£25k with generous incentives. Of course there will be targets to work to but aren’t there with everything these days?!

​The word telesales has been tarnished somewhat from previous years. Don’t let that put you off. A professional career in telesales is fun and financially rewarding.

​I promise that the Sarah West Recruitment team won’t talk to you about any jobs that expect you to apply any heavy handed tactics. We don’t deal with commission only or roles that read from a script. You certainly won’t be expected to make a nuisance of yourself or work for a shady company in a pop up office! We work with reputable local companies who can offer training, development, a great team environment, long term career opportunity and excellent earning potential.

Why don’t you give us a call to find out who is recruiting for telesales people, or other sales jobs, and we’ll explain exactly what’s involved?

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