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Hints and tips for approaching a psychometric test

almost 5 years ago

Hints and tips for approaching a psychometric test

​Psychometric tests are often used as a way to explore a candidate in more detail than from a CV or an initial interview. Companies are building them into their recruitment process more frequently. The test is usually taken online and on completion generates a report that will give a hiring manager a better feel for an applicant’s personality, skills and drivers.

Having taken many myself, my experience is that they are incredibly accurate.

The tests can be used to measure whether you are a good influencer, your approach to customer service, whether you are detail orientated, how you react under stress and whether you are a team player, how you might react to training and the best way to manage you – amongst many other things! The tests can be used to asses suitability for roles from entry level or graduate jobs right through to senior management or director level positions. Whilst the tests come in many different shapes and sizes there are some general tips as to how to approach them.

Firstly. READ the instructions. You get one shot at a psychometric test and you need to make sure you’re tackling it in the right way. Force yourself to read the instructions thoroughly before jumping on to the test itself.

Get ‘into work mode’ – the test is interested in whether you are a fit to the role you applied for the company that are hiring. Get into the right frame of mind and visualise yourself at work on a day where things are going well and you’re feeling successful. If in doubt as to how to answer a question think about it in a work context and answer from your ‘work personality.’

Go through the questions systematically without overthinking them. Answer quickly and go with your gut feeling. There is no ‘right or wrong’ in terms of answers.

Be honest – that’s important. Don’t put the answer you think you should. Make sure you read the question and answer honestly. If you are deliberately trying to manipulate the answers this will show in the report and your character could come into question.

Most profiling tools will ask a question in a number of different ways to ensure you’re consistent. If you’re being honest, this isn’t a problem but you might have some fun looking out for those control questions.

A report will be generated once you’ve finished and you’ll normally get to read part of it, the full version goes to the hiring manager.

The report will either be used after an interview as a way of making a hiring decision or sometimes before an interview so that specific (to you) key questions can be asked to explore particular strengths and weaknesses.

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