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Told you've not got enough experience?

about 5 years ago

Told you've not got enough experience?

​​It’s a frustrating situation when you can’t get the job you want and you’re told you don’t have enough experience. Especially if that’s the feedback you get after interview when the company hiring could see from your CV what you have and haven’t done before!

​There are some practical things that you can do to improve the situation, here are a few ideas.

It's not personal

​There will be competition for every job you apply for. Keep positive, keep applying and fine tuning what you’re doing. You will get there! Don’t let any negative feeling impact on your applications or interviews.

Applying for the right jobs?

​This might sound daft but have a good think about what you’re qualified for, or have the skills and experience to do. It’s an extreme example, but it’s no good applying for a job as a solicitor if you don’t have a law degree. You get my point. Speak to friends and family to get their feedback. Or talk to a member of the Sarah West Recruitment team for some guidance.

Get feedback

​Get detailed feedback after every interview in order to fully understand the situation. It’s very easy for a company to flippantly say ‘he/she hasn’t got enough experience.’ Find out what they really mean. Is it that you have less experience than other candidates in the process or maybe that your CV wasn’t as accurate as it could have been? Or maybe they loved your CV and thought they’d give you a chance to interview but you didn’t come across as well as they’d hoped? Find out the real reason you were rejected so you can address it, if necessary.

Review your CV

​Is it as good/accurate as it could be? Does it list all your experience and is it clear in your profile what you have to offer and what you’re looking for? Regularly review your CV, changing as necessary as your skills/experience changes, or based on what you’re applying for.

Include a cover letter

​Not all Hiring Managers want, or read, covering letters – however it might be worth writing one anyone to explain your situation and what you can bring to the role/company you’re applying to and to get more of your personality/enthusiasm across.

Increase your relevant skills and experience

​Employers are looking for good qualifications but experience is worth it’s weight in gold. Can you get some relevant experience to put on your CV through temporary work or work experience? Contact relevant organisations in the area to offer your services short term – you never know it might even lead to a longer term opportunity !

Good luck and get in touch if you'd like us to help with your search for work.

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