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Should you be looking for a new job?

about 5 years ago

Should you be looking for a new job?

​Should you be looking for a new job? Ten signs that you should, maybe!

​The start of a new year might have prompted you to have a think about many aspects of your life – not least whether your current job is still the right one for you? Here’s ten signs that might suggest it isn’t and that it might be time to start looking for something new.

  • Your standards are slipping in your current job. You’re not bothered about missing deadlines or targets, you’ve started being late into the office or late back from lunch. You’ve started taking sick days when you know you could have made it into the office

  • You have a bad working relationship with your boss and it’s not something you can turn around. They might be standing in the way of your career progression, it might be personal – it might be justified or it might not. Either way you’re miserable

  • You’ve stopped feeling like you’re making a difference or you’ve achieved anything. There is no way to develop your role and there’s no training on offer or willingness, on your employers part, to utilise your skills further. You spend your day at work going through the motions, you’re bored and every day drags

  • You’re spending more time on Facebook moaning about your day at work than your normal positive status updates and you spend most of Sunday dreading Monday

  • You’re feeling insecure. Maybe the high staff turnover is unnerving, redundancies are being made, or maybe you’re hearing rumours of financial problems within the business

  • Your journey into work is long, expensive, or stressful and you arrive at work in a foul mood as a result. You could move home, it might be easier to change job?

  • You are embarrassed by your employer’s lack of professionalism or inability ‘to deliver’ and it’s beyond your control

  • You are performing well but being underpaid

  • Your life has changed. Whether it’s divorce, a new relationship, a new child, the children growing up, a new spiritual interest or something else. Sometimes life dictates change

  • You are being discriminated against or treated unfairly. This isn’t acceptable under any circumstances

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