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A word of caution about handing out your CV

about 5 years ago

A word of caution about handing out your CV

​​If you are looking for work it’s natural that you would upload your CV to job boards and email it or hand it out to recruiters in a bid to find a suitable job. However how do you know what they are going to do with it?

We have spoken to a number of people looking for work in the last few weeks who are actively looking for jobs in and around Exeter, who have told us that other agencies have been submitting their CV or making applications for jobs – without their knowledge or consent.

There are a number of reasons why inexperienced or unscrupulous recruiters do this and it’s all about increasing their client base and being able to influence a recruitment process. Sadly, for the person looking for work, this behaviour is not about securing someone the right job or ensuring a good fit and can be damaging for future applications.

The team here at Sarah West Recruitment will NEVER apply for a role on your behalf without talking to you about it first. We want to assure you that it’s only after we’ve discussed the job opportunity with you in detail and have got your 'ok' to make an application on your behalf, that we’ll do that.

It might be an idea next time you drop your CV into an agency, or speculatively email it out, that you question their policy on sending out your details – just to be sure?

The team at Sarah West Recruitment is all about delivering a top notch service to clients and candidates. We’re also a member of the Recruitment and Employers Confederation (REC), the professional body for recruitment. This means we abide by a code of professional practice.

As always if you would like more guidance on any part of the application or recruitment process, you are looking for work – or looking to employ new staff – give a member of the team a call on 01392 873813 or email us via

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