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What is a brag file?

blog author

about 5 years ago

by Robyn Warwick

What is a brag file?

​What is a brag file and why do you need one? ​

​A brag file is physical evidence that highlights and illustrates your strengths and achievements and ultimately adds weight to the claims you make in your CV. It can also help support areas that you talk about during an interview. It should leave the hiring manager feeling that you’re genuine and ultimately a great fit to the role you’re interviewing for.

​Your brag file could contain evidence of sales figures achieved, certificates, testimonials from business contacts or payslips/P60’s to prove incentive payments.

​It’s ok to have evidence of personal, charity or sporting achievements too if they show relevant characteristics or traits.

Here are our top tips for putting together a brag file
  • You should make sure that your brag file is relevant. Consider the role that you are interviewing for and bring evidence that proves your suitability for the position.

  • Be selective. Take only what you need and make it as current as possible.

  • Take copies of documents and make sure that they are well presented, some interviewers might want to keep a copy.

  • Typically the term ‘brag file’ is used within the sales industry and I’ve written this post in that context – however there’s nothing to stop you taking a brag file when you’re interviewing for any role. Just think carefully and make sure that whatever you take is relevant to the role you’re interviewing for.

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