Short term assignments

Short term assignments

We’re well known for permanent recruitment however Senior Recruitment Consultant Lisa also works with clients and candidates looking for shorter term assignments too.

Placements were up by an impressive 250% in 2018 and while we class these as short-term, the average assignment length was 18 weeks. This reflects the Recruitment and Employer Confederation’s findings in their Recruitment Industry Trends survey that 64% of temporary assignments were for 12+ weeks, while 20% were for 6+ months in 2017/18.

Lisa said “We take candidates through the exact same registration process as those looking for permanent roles – in other words we meet them to make sure they’re going to be a great fit to any organisation they join. Many of our ‘temps’ were subsequently offered a permanent role when one became available while they were on their assignment – with all of them accepting – suggesting I hit the nail, on the head!”

If you’re a hiring manager in need of someone on a temporary or ongoing basis, get in touch with Lisa for a chat to find out how it all works!

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