Your CV

Making sure your CV makes the right impression

As you can probably imagine, the Recruitment Consultants at Sarah West spend a lot of time reading CVs. It can be very much down to personal taste but here are some of our team’s likes and dislikes

What we like

  • Word documents. Job boards have a habit of distorting PDF documents – so you may have spent hours getting it looking spot on but what we or other hiring managers see can be very different
  • Contact details! That are easy to find. You may be surprised by the number who haven’t got them included or that are buried somewhere difficult to see
  • A very brief summary, up front, of your key skills and experience and what kind of job you’re looking for
  • A clear and simply layout
  • If you’re looking to relocate – the timescales that you’re working to and the area where you’ll be based or be willing to travel to

What we’re not so keen on

  • Times New Roman font
  • Gaps in your CV. If you have taken a career break or there are other circumstances for a gap in your work history, give a brief explanation for it
  • Pages and pages of information. Obviously you want to highlight the skills and experience that are relevant for the job application you’re making. If you’ve got a number of year’s experience, it’s worthwhile focusing on the most recent however

We add resources section on a regular basis – if there’s something that you would like us to feature – let us know!