What happens at a registration meeting?

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As a candidate, we will always have a registration meeting with you before we put you forward for any roles.

The registration meeting is an important part of our recruitment process as it’s our opportunity to know you, to understand what makes you tick and find out what’s going to work for you job-wise.

More than that, it also helps us to understand your personality and what kind of work environment is going to work for you too.

Hear from Lisa about this important part of our recruitment process – the registration meeting – something that we do with every candidate before they’re put forward for any of our roles.

In simple terms, the registration meeting is an opportunity to have a conversation about you and what’s important work-wise – so we can set about finding you that dream job! Lisa explains all!

Lisa says “The registration meeting is our chance to meet you. If at all possible, we find it’s better to do it in person (and let’s face it – with our office being based at Darts Farm – it’s also a great excuse for a browse while you’re here!).  But if that’s not an option, we’re happy to do a video call instead.

“What do we talk about in the registration meeting? In short anything and everything that’s important to you in your search for work – what do you like? What environment’s going to work for you? Plus it’s also really important to talk about the things that you don’t want.

“I often find that a lot of this meeting’s taken up with talking about things that aren’t necessarily on a CV – it’s finding out about those all-important things that are going to make a difference when it comes to us finding you a great match.

“The meeting also gives us the chance to talk through any jobs we’re working on that we think are a good match. There may also be other opportunities that are not advertised that we talk about – a number of the companies we work with are always on the look out for talented people, even if they’re not actively recruiting.

“What’s top of the list for any of the team here is to make sure we get all of our candidates a good match and that means looking wider than the job itself. We make sure that the culture is going to suit you – and you’re going to suit your new employer.”

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