Why use a Recruitment Agency?

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Find out from Sarah, why, as an organisation you might choose to use a Recruitment Agency to find your next member of staff.

“As I run a Recruitment Agency, you might think “You would say that” but here are just a few examples of the work we do.

“First and foremost, after understanding what you’re looking for, is to go out and find you a selection of candidates who would potentially be the perfect fit to your organisation and to the role that you’re looking to hire for.

Over and above that I make sure you benefit from my 20 years expertise in the recruitment industry and that means giving you as much advice, guidance and support as you might need, to make sure you’re making the right decisions.

The advice could be around the interview process and how to structure that or even suggestions on the type of questions to ask to make sure you are potentially going to hire the right person.

“It could be around skills testing, or looking at what would make a good offer – what are competitive salaries in the area and what would be a goods benefits package to offer.

“It’s a really cost effective way to hire the next member of your team. In terms of time – I just need enough to really understand your business and the role so that I can go and do my job.

“In terms of payment, the only cost to you – the only cost to you in at the point you hire someone that I’ve introduced you to.

“I’m always happy to talk about what we offer in more detail and specifically what we can do for you, if you’re thinking of hiring – so get in touch!”

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