The positivity of partnerships

Recruitment Exeter

Featured in November’s Grow Exeter magazine Sarah shares her thoughts on the value of trusted partnerships!

The best and most enjoyable working relationships, in our opinion, are those where we’re working in partnership with our clients and helping with their recruitment, in its entirety.

Each company we work with needs a different type or amount of support.  Once we understand where our help and guidance is needed we can add real value and save our clients time, stress and money! For example we can help structure an interview process, give insight into what makes a great job offer, discuss market trends or delve deeper into a company’s structure and goals to give more strategic advice. We enjoy imparting our knowledge to help our clients hire and retain the right staff, it’s what we do!

Our clients have a team of brand ambassadors within Sarah West Recruitment. We’re proactively promoting their businesses, increasing brand awareness and encouraging the right applications. Knowing our clients so well also enables us to support candidates though the hiring process, ensuring their experience is a good one too.

Working in partnership means we’re proactive, not just reactive. If we meet someone searching for a new job who’d be an exceptional hire for a client, we feel it’s our duty to introduce both parties. You’d be surprised how many jobs are created and candidates hired based on an introduction we’ve made ‘out of the blue.’

Whether you’re looking to find or fill a job – or looking for a deeper relationship with a company who want to help with your recruitment and its challenges. Call us or drop us an email! You can also hear some tips from Sarah if you’re hiring too!

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