Let’s Eat, Drink & Be (Not Too) Merry


We’ve embraced the festive season at Sarah West Recruitment and the decorations are up. We’ve enjoyed our first mince pies and our job ads will feature a little seasonal twist in the coming days. We also had a cracking team evening out last week to celebrate the end of a great year. We’re already looking forward to the start of the 2020 that already looks set to carry on where this one will finish. And some!

So as other teams get ready to ‘paint the town red’ – what’s our thinking about the work’s Christmas ‘do’? From an employee and employer’s point of view?

For the new starters

If you’ve got new team members, it’s an idea to have a quick word with them so they know what to expect – format, timings, dress code etc. If you’ve got people that are going to join soonish after the event – it can be a nice idea to invite them along too – even if they can’t make it, it’s a way of making them feel part of the team already.

Unexpected spends

As an employer, or ‘host’ for the evening, be clear and communicate what will and won’t be paid for. There’s nothing worse than people feeling annoyed that they’ve had to dig in to their own pockets when they thought they wouldn’t have to.


Having a few drinks is part and parcel of the work’s night out for many. If you’re one of those people who promises to have ‘one or two’ but finds that difficult to stick to – find a colleague to help keep you on track. And one you’ll listen to if they say you’ve had enough!

Be responsible

If you’re a manager out with your team, make sure everyone has a good time but also keep half an eye out for any potential problems or issues. At the end of the day, evenings like these should make teams, not break them!

Plan ahead

If you can, arrange how you’re going to get home beforehand. Taxi’s can be pretty hard to come by at this time of year so it’s always a good idea to join forces with colleagues and book them ahead – and it’s cheaper too. If you’re an employer and your event is a little bit out of the way, arrange transport so everyone can get home safely.

Oops – it’s out there

It’s a fact that many people like to keep their followers up to date with what’s going on by posting lots of pics on social media. But there’s always a chance that it goes one step too far as the night wears on. Take a few team photos early doors and then disconnect from the Wi-Fi or mobile data so you can’t put ones out there that you’ll later regret!

What to wear

This can make you feel like you did at school when it was non uniform day – you’ll be making a bit of a statement about the ‘you ‘outside of the workplace! It might sound boring but it’s better to air on the side of caution with this one – safe and sensible is the way forward.

Getting ready for the morning after

Ideally, arrange an event for a Friday. If it falls on a ‘school night’ – it’s almost inevitable that there will be those who are not on top form the next day and as an employer, it can be a bit of a tricky one to manage. Some are able to be more flexible on start times but if you can’t, why not arrange for breakfast in the office the morning after? Who doesn’t love a good energy boost after a late night? If you’re an employee…why not take the day off and then the thought of getting up the next day doesn’t have to cross your mind?

We hope you have a fab time on your work’s do and we look forward to seeing all the team pictures (from early on in the evening of course!).

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