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Meet Toni Kemble - Head of Sales Operations

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7 months ago

by Julia Samuel

The Sarah West Recruitment team recently welcomed Toni Kemble, as Head of Sales Operations. Here Toni talks about her role, what attracted her to our organisation and a bit about her life outside of work too - which is equally busy!

What attracted you to Sarah West Recruitment?

I’ve known of Sarah West Recruitment for many years and have watched with interest as they’ve grown. I’ve also been in contact with Sarah, as a candidate too, so I know how the team work and how delivering a great service is at the heart of everything they do.

I knew Sarah was looking for support on the operational-side and once we got talking, the thinking around what that role looked like evolved, to better align with my experience and the additional value that I could bring to the team.

What does your role as Head of Sales Operations involve?

It’s varied to say the least but that’s exactly what I enjoy.

Currently there are a number of internal projects that I’m overseeing. Whilst the team was in a good place when I joined, there are a number of ‘quick wins’ that will drive efficiencies and that’s my focus for the coming weeks. It’ll mean we have the solid foundations in place that we need, to head in to 2022, in a better place than ever before.

At the same time, it’s my role to support the team on a day-to-day basis. I’m also managing the recruitment for our new Consultant, which is exciting.

Longer term I’m looking forward to driving and building relationships with new and existing clients. The South West is thriving, and with the number of growing organisations here that are looking for support to build their teams, I can’t wait to start to forging more strong partnerships, for the long term. 

What’s it like working at Sarah West Recruitment?

Busy and fun. I’d always thought that it looked like a close-knit team and it genuinely is! I’ve been made to feel very welcome and it’s a joy to be surrounded by people that are so passionate about what they do.

What are you looking forward to most?

I’m excited about the year ahead. Sarah and I spent a super-productive day away from the buzz of the office, to get our heads together and really focus on what the priorities are for 2022.

Whilst we’re very much on the same page in terms of our vision for Sarah West Recruitment, it was a great opportunity to explore how we get there. We’re both creative types, who enjoy coming up with different ideas that support how we can evolve, and it was great to challenge each other’s thinking too.

Having shared our plans with the team, I’m genuinely excited to watch them come to fruition…watch this space!

How about outside of work – what do you get up to?

It’s busy too, with children and animals but it means I have no excuse but to go out for long walks, which is something I love. I’m Devon born and bred and never get tired of the amazing countryside, plus I love surfing, and water sports and generally hanging out at the beach – we’re incredibly lucky to have all of this on our doorstep.

I love doing renovations too. I’ve just recently converted a van in to a camper-type which has been perfect for staycations this year, and now I’m back focussed on the house and garden. You’ll often find me sporting some kind of minor injury on a Monday after a weekend of DIY! Making things work well and creating something from nothing excites me no end.  

I’m also trying to get back in to running – I’ve bought a new pair of trainers – I’m all set. It might be time to resurrect the Sarah West Recruitment running club!​

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