Virtual fun!

18 May 2020

By Julia Samuel

Virtual fun!

Every week we make a point of getting our team together to basically…well…laugh it seems! We decided we’d take it in turns to come up with something light-hearted to get away from 'work talk' and no matter who’s come up with what, it’s invariably lead to lots of hilarity – quite often to the point of laughing tears. Which is something we miss not being in an office together!

It can be tricky to come up with fresh ideas and when we’ve shared some of the things we’ve been up to on social, we’ve picked up on the fact that some people have liked having some new things to do with their team too.

So, we thought we’d give you a quick run through of some of our favourites – it’s Mental Health Awareness week - no better time to share what’s given us a bit of a ‘feel good’ too.


I’m sure lots of you have been doing these however to make it more about us, one of the rounds was all about the Sarah West Recruitment team.

Q. What was Josh’s favourite drink at the end of 2019?

A. White rum, fizzy pop

If we heard this once, we heard it a thousand times when it came on the radio in the office…kind of missing it now(ish!).

We also got together on Saturday night, to have a couple of drinks and put the grey matter to the test. We each came up with a round of questions…pretty pitiful scores if I’m honest for most of us, however Lisa romped home, putting the rest of us to shame!

Just out of's one of the questions. Can you guess what this food is? ('s not an angry apple...Sarah's guess...).

Scavenger hunt

Blatantly ‘borrowed’ from a Saturday night show…but hey why not…Josh got us up and moving for this one with a list of things to find from around the home. Our selection of hats rocked!

Two truths, one lie

Well, who knew that one of the team has managed to have a cheeky peck with one of the Royal family? It’s pretty much what it says – you each come up with two things that are true and one that’s not…and everyone has to guess which one’s made up. Interestingly we found out quite a lot about each other…including that Robyn’s been featured on You’ve Been Framed for a pond incident as a child. I’m still trying to dig out the evidence!

Choose a letter…

Not Robyn's finest hour with this one! You each choose a letter without knowing why you’re picking it. Then you have to go and find as many items as you can, beginning with that letter…it has to include something you wear and something you can eat.


Josh well and truly smashed it choosing the letter ‘c’ (and fortunately has a cat at home, that helped), while Robyn discovered that the letter ‘n’ doesn’t give you too many options….


In honour of Eurovision at the weekend – this was all about showcasing our vocal abilities...mmmm. You get in to teams of two and each have to gargle three songs for your partner to guess. It’s definitely harder than it sounds and we’d recommend getting a towel at the ready, just in case. If nothing else, this is great for getting your hydration levels up, first thing in the morning!

Virtual Wii-ing

Thank you, Lisa, for coming up with this one - it definitely got the old visual side of the brain in gear! Basically, we had to find a matching pair – with Lisa driving it for us her end. Find Mii is tricky, let me tell you, before you’ve had a coffee or two!

These are just a few of the things we’ve been up to over the last few weeks, to get us together and have a bit of light-hearted fun. We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, too, to help us come up with new ideas.

Watch this space for Friday…it’s Sarah’s turn…

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