How we're staying positive

24 April 2020

By Julia Samuel

How we're staying positive

We've been hearing from Sarah recently about what's helping her to stay positive, so we thought we'd share what the rest of the team's doing too, what they're learning and looking forward to!

How are you staying positive?

Sky: “I’m being kind to myself and learning not setting my expectations too high in terms of what I’m going to get done. I’m balancing being productive with learning it’s OK to do nothing and take to the sofa and watch TV, if I feel like it. I've stopped being glued to the news too, I’m watching it maybe once a day now, just keep up to date.”

Lisa: “I’m setting myself small things to do every day. I was planning on completely revamping our garden anyway and the last few weeks have given me the chance to really get motoring with it – just setting myself small things to do in it everyday has help me get a sense of achievement.”

Robyn: "I'm taking every day as it comes. Getting away from the house by taking the dog out for a walk is on my daily 'to do list' and home workouts have been really good for me to get those endorphins too."

Julia: “Walking…I’ve never walked so much around Exmouth! I’ve really enjoyed getting out in the sunshine and have found places that I didn’t know existed and now see the area in a whole different light. The food shopping trip to M&S, once a week, has also become a highlight.”

Josh: “In two words - exercise and looking after myself. At the start of this I set myself the goal of losing weight that’s really helped me focus. I’ve found that having a routine to my day works for me too. The ‘chef’ in our house is vegan so I’m pretty much meat free now…don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to a beef chilli but I feel really good for eating healthily.”

What have you learned about yourself?

Sky: “I’m good at working from home! I thought I’d be terrible and struggle to get motivated with no team physically around me. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t like to do it full time but now when Sarah asks if I want to work from home, I’ll be taking her up on it, instead of feeling like I need to be in office to be productive. I’ve also learned that I need to be more active outside – before I’d choose the gym over exercise in the fresh air.”

On that note...Sky's started running outside for the first's how it's going! “I’ve literally never enjoyed running – I just don’t get the endorphins lots of people seem to get from it! I’m waiting for the day they kick in but at the moment I hate the before, during and after. However, I’m proud of myself for keeping it up.”

Lisa: “That I can relax and adapt when I’m in a situation that I can’t change.”

Josh: “That I was probably pretty lazy before…I was busy…always out and about but lockdown is teaching me how to look after myself better. I’m also better with money, I’ve managed to save because I’m not buying the pointless stuff I used to! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still pick up some crisps and chocolate when I’m shopping but it’s nothing like on the scale of before. I’m also appreciating time with the family.”

Today Josh ran further than ever! “I smashed the running and today went further than ever – just under half a marathon - it’s giving me a real buzz.”

Robyn: "I've realised I tend to stress about the really small things, so this time's given me the opportunity to realise that those small things don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, so I've become more chilled out which is refreshing. I knew that I really enjoyed my job however I've learned that I really love it!"

Julia: “That I’m pretty good at juggling things, I can be creative when there seems to be nothing to eat for lunch and that I’m still rubbish at maths and science. This morning’s plea for help from the 12-year-old involved working out density…the answer we got told us a brick would float. Thanks Dad for being on the end of the phone and coming to the rescue.”

What are you looking forward to?

Sky: “A change of scenery, going out for a meal and getting to see my family and being able to give them a hug. And getting back to indoor exercising in the gym!”

Lisa: “Being able to touch people! I’ve been getting shopping for my Mum and it’s felt so unnatural being able to see her and not give her a hug and a kiss.”

Robyn: "What I can't wait to do as soon as this ends is to move in to my beautiful flat that I was meant to exchange on three weeks ago. That's what's keeping me going a little bit, knowing that as soon we can move around, I can move in and start that chapter of my life that's been put on hold because of lockdown. And equally I'm looking forward to seeing my friends - having a virtual conversation just isn't the same as having a cup of tea or a glass of wine with them in person, and a really good laugh."

Josh: “Putting the new fitter and healthier me to the test! I miss playing football and paintball and being part of a team. Before lockdown, the paintball season was just about to kick off and our team had come second in a pre-season (national) cup so we had high hopes for 2020.”

Julia: “I’m not so good at planning and tend to do things on impulse – just having the ability to ‘nip out’ to see someone, or ‘nip out’ to get the vital ingredient I’ve forgotten for a recipe. I’m looking forward to my daughter not having to rely on me as her only physical company…even though I think we’re actually doing OK!”

Who's learning Italian?

Robyn...You'll have to head over to our Instagram to see the evidence!

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