Travelling to and from Exeter for work?

13 February 2020

By Sky Randall

Travelling to and from Exeter for work?

​ When it comes to travelling to and from work, it’s always a good idea to factor the cost and time it’ll take when you’re looking at your job options. For those who don’t drive, very often making sure there are good public transport links is a must. For some who drive, the thought of being caught up in traffic can be a complete turn off.

It’s estimated that 35,000 people make the commute to and from Exeter each day for work. As city’s go, it’s pretty compact with good transport links, public transport options and is pretty cycle friendly too.

The weekly cost of getting to and from Exmouth to Exeter for example can range from £21 when you take the bus to a whopping £66 if you choose to drive and park in one of the central car parks.

Below is a guide to some of the most popular ways of getting to and from Exeter:


Most of the services are operated by Stagecoach. Megarider tickets cost £14.50 for a week’s unlimited travel around the centre or £21 if you’re travelling to and from further afield. The Stagecoach app lets you buy mobile tickets – a possible lifesaver if you’re someone who has a habit of losing bits of paper!

Travelling by car

It’s estimated that 75% of Exeter commuters drive to their place of work and it’s expected to carry on rising. If you don’t have the luxury of parking at your place of work, what are your options?

There are many car parks in and around the city centre (and just like many other city’s they’ll probably be getting pretty busy at this time of year!) and are split in to the following different categories:

  • Premium car parks: Are slap bang in the middle – very handy for the shops but you’re going to pay for it – £12 a day

  • There are 10 Zone 1 car parks that cost up to £10 a day

  • 9 Zone 2 car parks are within a five – 15 minutes walk of the centre and cost £6 a day

  • You can get season tickets for three, six and twelve months (not for the premium car parks) that work out about £4.60 a day if you work full time Monday – Friday. Here’s a list of the car parks that allow season tickets. Just bear in mind that you won’t get your own allocated space so there’s no guarantee that there’ll be one waiting for you.

Alternative parking

For an alternative to the traditional parking – you can hire space – someone’s driveway for example. You can check out availability at and if you can’t find something that suits you straight away, you can join a waiting list.

Finally, probably thanks to Peter Kay(!), car sharing’s becoming more popular. You can sign up at Car Share Devon where there’s a clever calculator to help you work out potential savings. Both financially and in CO2 emissions. Your company can sign up so you can easily see who else is looking to join forces from the same place or you can sign up as an individual.

Park and ride

Why not get the best of both worlds? There are three sites in Exeter – Matford, Honiton Road and Sowton. It’s free to park and a day return costs £2.70 or you can buy weekly or 4 weekly (only online) route tickets that cost £11 or £42.99 respectively – that bring down the daily cost. You’re then looking at a 15-20 minutes bus journey in to the centre at peak times.


Devon has stunning scenery and the train journeys in and out of Exeter certainly make the most of it. From Exmouth you’ve got estuary views. Heading towards Plymouth you’ve got the stunning Riviera Line. Both make for a glorious commute! Exeter St David’s and Exeter Central stations both drop you in the heart of the city.

If you don’t have to travel at peak times, railcards give discounts of up to a third off. The age limit for the Young Persons Railcard goes up to 30 in the Spring.

Check out if your company offers a loan for season tickets too as part of the benefits package – many do.


According to Visit Exeter, everywhere in the City’s within a 30 minute bike ride. There are dedicated cycle routes as well as quiet roads that are part of the cycle network – check out the cycle map – you can also pick up copies from the Tourist Information Centre. Check if your company is part of the Bike2Work scheme that can save you money on your bike and equipment.


Walking has well known health benefits. Why not make time to or from work to take in some of the beautiful sights Exeter has to offer? And it’s by far the cheapest option!

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