How we help you shortlist the right candidates

10 February 2020

By Lisa Veale

How we help you shortlist the right candidates

Getting a shortlist of candidates to interview can sometime be a tricky business when you have a number of apparently great CVs in front of you.

​It doesn't happen very often however there are times when we have to firmly persuade clients to shortlist candidates we've recommended. The candidates had been overlooked for interview initially and so we’ve had to challenge our client’s decision, put our reputation on the line and coax the hiring manager into giving an interview slot. While reassuring them that it’s going to be time well spent. ‘You won’t be sorry, we really want you to meet them, trust us they’re a great fit!’

The outcome generally results in a positive all round! Clients, despite interviewing other applicants, more often than not offer the job to the candidate we insisted they met. The feedback we get on is that these candidates have ‘x-factor’ and are ‘head and shoulders’ above the other people they had seen. When this does happen, we manage to resist saying 'I told you so!' Just.

The reason we are confident in our recommendations is that we have taken the time to understand the vacancy we’ve been given to work on, the personality of the business we are representing and that of the hiring manager and team.

We have also spent time with the candidates that we have chosen to represent and had a long conversation about their careers and aspirations. They’re people that we have shortlisted from a vast number of applicants as someone that we want to work with. We believe in them. We believe they’ll not only make a great employee/colleague but someone that will add value.

Sometimes a CV just can’t tell you all that you need to know – and that’s where we come in.

This is what you pay us to do and we get great results when you let us do what we do best – consult and find you someone with ‘the x-factor’ as your next hire.

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