Get ahead for your New Year job search

20 February 2020

By Lisa Veale

Get ahead for your New Year job search

If you’re thinking about looking for a job in the New Year, here’s a list of things that you can do over the next couple of weeks. That way you’re ready to hit the ground running with your job search at the beginning of next year. When we’re back and super busy matching clients and candidates once again!

Our thoughts

  1. Re-vamp your CV to make sure it’s up to date and make some general improvements. You could tweak your personal profile to make it a bit more interesting, or just give your CV a bit of an overhaul to add any new responsibilities or add to your hobbies and interests section. Don’t forget to read our top tips on CV writing!

  2. Once you’re happy with your CV, load the latest version to the job boards and make sure your contact details are correct. Some recruiters or hiring manager’s search based on when changes are made to an account or who has most recently logged in to the site, so it might just improve your chances of being found.

  3. Could you make any improvements to your current skills? Are there any books or courses you could use to update them? Or do you have a family member or friend that could give you some coaching on areas you’re a bit rusty on?

  4. Have a think about any recent interviews you’ve had and either speak to your recruitment consultant, or hiring manager direct, to get feedback. Potentially spend time thinking about how you use this to improve your interview technique and therefore your chances of being successful in the future.

  5. Check your social media accounts! If a prospective employer was to read your LinkedIn profile or check out your Twitter feed or Facebook page – would it stand you in a good light? Spend time making sure your profiles are a good reflection of who you are and what you will bring to a company– and delete any offending updates/pictures etc!

  6. Dry clean/wash your interview outfit so that you are ready to go!

  7. Go through standard interview question responses.

  8. Find and read your current contract of employment. You will be asked what your notice period is – make sure you know this and understand what the correct process is for handing in your notice, when the time comes

  9. Speak to the recruitment agencies you are registered with and make sure your recruitment consultant knows who you are and what you are looking for. Arrange to meet them, if necessary, so that you are at the forefront of their mind – this’ll increase your chances of being called about vacancies that they’re coordinating in the New Year.

  10. Be clear on what you want for your next role in terms of the package, location and longer term opportunities? Are your expectations realistic?

We’re always happy to lend a hand if you have any queries about your job search and you can keep up to date with all our vacancies on this site.

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