What do the new GCSE grades mean?

08 January 2020

By Sky Randall

What do the new GCSE grades mean?

In August 2019 year, a new GCSE grading system was introduced. Gone are the days of grades A-G and in their place are now grades 1-9.

It won’t be long before the Sarah West Recruitment team start getting CV’s with these instead of the traditional ones we’re used to, so here’s what the new grades mean in ‘old money’.

U grades will stay the same and A/AS Levels still keep the A*-E grades. There’s a summary of the most recent changes on Ofqual’s site.

If you’re someone who’s recently sat their GCSE’s for the first time and are thinking of getting a job to fit around your current studies – check out our guide to putting a CV together for the first time.

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