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How to get a job in IT

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over 2 years ago

by Sky Randall

​​If you are interested in IT, you’re technical or would like to get in to this area, read on! Here’s our thoughts on the roles locally and the skills and experience that employers are looking for. Plus we’ll cover how you can kick start a career in this area and the types of organisations we work with.

​The job market in Exeter and surrounding area remains extremely buoyant. Just this week we’ve seen the number of vacancies we have increase significantly. Therefore demand for candidates remains high across the board. However there are certain skills and experience that are particularly sought after at the moment – IT and Technical being one such area.

​With that in mind, we thought it was timely to run through the type of roles that we recruit for in this area, give examples of the skills and experience that employers are looking for (you might be surprised!) and the kind of organisations we work with.

Our roles

​The type of IT and technical roles we recruit for are just as varied as the other sectors we work in. They include 1st line support roles that involve helping customers or fellow employees over the phone. There are others that involve an element of face to face support too.

​There are others that need analysis or project management skills, coupled with a good understanding of systems, solutions and processes.

​Then there are those roles that need very specific experience – for example we currently have a number of vacancies for someone with PHP development expertise. However, employers are aware that advertising for such a niche will narrow their options and will very often consider someone who has experience in a comparable product.

Skills and experience

​The more senior roles obviously demand skills and experience in certain areas. For entry-level roles many organisations will consider someone who has got a qualification in IT or a similar subject. A levels or a Diploma are a great start even with no work experience. Companies are also interested if you have recently completed an IT apprenticeship as you have the skills and experience they are looking for and in return you will be rewarded financially and have the opportunity to progress your IT career.

​Equally, if you can demonstrate a genuine interest or passion for IT – for example if you like fixing computers or solving technical problems in your spare time – and don’t have a formal qualification, we’d be keen to hear from you too. People with customer service experience also tend to make the transition to these type of roles with ease.

​Recruitment Consultant Sky says:

​“There’s a general perception that unless you have an IT qualification or have experience, you’re not going to get a look in. That’s certainly not the case with the organisations I work with. They want to see that someone has a genuine interest in IT as training, tailored to what the company does and how they do things will be given to everyone new who joins. There’s nothing to lose by applying for roles or sending your CV across. I’m always happy to give people advice and guidance and if there isn’t a role that’s a perfect fit immediately, chances are there’ll be something to match people’s requirements just around the corner.”

Organisations we work with

​The Sarah West team work with a cross section of organisations in the local area – from those that specialise in this sector themselves through to those who need support for or development of their internal systems.

​They are successful, growing employers that invest in their teams, provide a good benefits package on top of their basic salary and offer training, development and career progression for those who want it.

​Feedback we get from candidates we’ve placed is that they genuinely love the work, the company and the team.

So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to make your next career move if you’re already working in an IT role. If you’re interested in the area and want to find out some options – check out our roles or get in touch!

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