Hiring? How to attract candidates to your organisation

Video_Candidate attraction

If you’re a hiring manager, Sarah runs through some things you can do to make your organisation attractive to potential employees.

Sarah says “Attracting candidates to your organisation should be something that you are thinking about as part of your recruitment strategy. Good candidates now have more choice than ever as to who they work for so it’s really important that you’re putting yourself forward as one of the best organisations in the area.

“There’s a number of ways that you can do that: 

Be visible

“Have a look at your website with fresh eyes, have a look at your social media channels and make sure they’re up to date and make sure they really sing about you being a good organisation to work for.”

Use your advocates

“Use the people that you have in your business already! Great companies have great people, great people are talking about their working environment and that’s something that you can really harness.”

Have an attractive benefits package

“Having a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package is something that candidates are going to be looking for. It might be difficult for you to know what you’re up against in terms of your competitors but that’s something that we can help you with.

“I can give you some guidance on what you need to do in terms of attracting the right candidates and what a good benefits package, what a competitive salary might look like for the type of roles that you’re looking to hire for.”

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